About Us

Sunset Acres Bed & Breakfast was opened in January 1999 by Brenda and Bill Ohrem who had bought the place 3 years prior with no thought of opening a bed & breakfast. They came to this home with their kids, Cassuandra age 15 and their son, Cory, age 12.

Brenda had always dreamed of opening a bed & breakfast but never thought it would happen but even still she kept dreaming and read anything she could on how to be an Inn Keeper .

So after studding about Inn Keeping for over 20 years; being unhappy with her City Job with the state and suddenly being an empty nester she signed up for a seminar with CMSU over a long weekend regarding Inn Keeping in which her husband also attended. After doing the seminar she realized that she had studied along the right track all those years and that her dream could become a reality.

With her 40th birthday in a few months, Brenda takes a leap of faith and starts her dream adventure of owning a bed & breakfast. With the help of her husband Bill; a few gallons of paint; some new linens & china, Sunset Acres Bed & Breakfast was opened!

To this day, Brenda has not had any regrets and states that, "she has yet to met a stranger."